Webinar: How to ensure GDPR compliance in SAP?

26-07-2021 | Data Management, GDPR Compliance, SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM)

Implementing GDPR on ERP systems is complex and often postponed and then forgotten. Wondering about GDPR and data management in SAP environments? Listen to the recording of the webinar “How to ensure GDPR compliance in SAP on an operational level?” organized by TNP Consultants and TJC Group in November 2020.

The speakers Florence Bonnet, Associate Director of TNP and Thierry JULIEN, CEO of TJC will bring their insights.

  • What legal, functional and technical measures should be implemented to ensure the GDPR compliance of my SAP system?
  • Which solutions to meet these requirements? SAP ILM, anonymization, development or data archiving?
  • What are the prerequisites, the advantages but also the limits?