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Advantages of using RAC

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Automated centralised reporting for SAP users

Manually compiling the financial and compliance reports required by internal stakeholders or external regulators – for audits, ILM (information lifecycle management) or SAP decommissioning – is time consuming, tedious and error prone. Meeting custom requests for one off reports can mean diverting resources from more strategic priorities. Do you want your IT department generating reports from SAP when they could be working on other value adding projects? What if there was a secure, SAP certified solution to centralise and automate every reporting request you receive? That’s where RAC comes in.

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RAC means accurate reports generated from SAP in quick time

Free your teams from all the repetitive, manual tasks associated with report generation. Report Automation Cockpit (RAC), our SAP certified tool for efficient management accounting and regulatory compliance reporting, allows large data volume reports to be generated swiftly and easily by any authorised user.

TJC’s RAC software was designed to support internal IT departments producing periodic or pre-scheduled audit reports in SAP for business users. It allows them to delegate, automate and simplify reporting activities based on a range of variables and output results to any format.

RAC software is intuitive, it integrates directly with SAP and can be configured for use by both internal users or external auditors and regulators. They get detailed financial and compliance reports with a full audit trail to the original data source from a single platform.

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Key benefits of Report Automation Cockpit (RAC)

  • Remove any manual effort required to produce financial and compliance reports

  • Delegate reporting to the user and free up IT resources for higher value projects

  • Ensure fiscal compliance with consistent reporting across the organisation

  • Extract detailed data from online and archived data sources within any SAP database

  • Maintain a clear audit trail to the original data source of every transaction

  • Produce standard financial reports and custom audit requests

  • Optimise resource utilisation – across all hardware, software and IT teams

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