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Strategic importance of SAP tax compliance management

A compliance issue is a business issue. Access the skills you need for global regulatory compliance with our outsourced B2G consulting services. TJC’s team of experts will help you satisfy tax and audit obligations in every jurisdiction, ensuring your data is always submitted exactly as required. On time. Accurate. Every time. Across all platforms.

TJC Group can help you monitor, analyse and interpret the ever-expanding maze of international B2G regulation. Work with us to avoid non-compliance, escape costly penalties and protect your reputation.


Bridge the gap between IT and Tax teams

Digitalisation of governmental regulations is advancing rapidly and amplifying the compliance challenge for businesses worldwide. It’s especially difficult for larger multinational organisations with centralised IT. TJC works with some of the world’s leading brands, helping their IT and compliance teams stay on the right side of global government regulators.

Transform your compliance department’s skills profile with our B2G team. Co-sourced experts who can help you navigate international tax and finance compliance laws.

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Why co-source compliance with TJC Group?

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    Re-skill your teams using our B2G experts

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    Boost effectiveness inside your organisation

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    Cut costs and save money with co-sourcing

Why outsourcing B2G services is a sound strategic decision

• Secure the skills you need on a cost effective, flexible basis

• Complement existing in-house IT and finance capabilities

• Fully SAP compliant data management

• Create blended teams – SAP + Tax + Technology

• Automate compliance processes using the latest digital technology

• Flexible and scalable to meet your immediate needs

• Rapidly implement SAP compliant real time reporting and e-invoicing

• Avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance

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Other Solutions from TJC Group


SAF-T data extraction for all types of tax compliance based on local operating country requirements.


Generate, verify and optimise File of Accounting Entries (FEC) from online or archived data to comply with French tax regulations.


Quickly and easily retrieve large volumes of data from online and/or archived SAP tables without impacting SAP system performance.


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