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How do SAP and document management fit together?

For years, document management for SAP meant searching for an ArchiveLink compatible product, often OpenText, and implementing it. Today, most organisations manage their documents in the cloud, using platforms like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Teams. The big question that remains unanswered is ‘At which stage does SAP get involved with the document management process?’ Although ArchiveLink and the Webdav interface are still in use, Cryptographic hash functions and storage also need addressing.

Our approach to document management

Implementing enterprise content management to support legal compliance can be complex and costly, but the business risks of not completing this project correctly can be just as significant. As SAP Partners, TJC provides consulting services and support with SAP Content Management projects.

Our approach utilises SAP-certified software solutions with your existing content storage server to provide all the functionality you need, without complex integration requirements. The reports generated by TJC’s solutions generate a full traceability log, giving you confidence that your business is compliant while minimising the effort required.

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Why carry out a content management project ?

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    Automate report generation, reducing time, effort, and manual errors

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    Ensure important documents like invoices are saved as PDFs

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    Keep SAP documents at your fingertips

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    Maintain full document lifecycle management up to the point of destruction

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