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How to Manage SAP Tax Compliance Efficiently ?

Digital transformation has created a 24/7 business landscape and transformed the way goods and services are delivered, generating vast amounts of data. A significant proportion of this data must be retained for tax and audit compliance purposes, which means managing fiscal data is fast becoming an IT nightmare. Filtering large quantities of data manually can be a drain on resources and long term, a manual approach will compromise audit compliance and performance levels.

Intelligent solutions to ensure compliance with local tax regulations

TJC Group’s automated SAP data extraction solutions make it simple and quick to extract the potentially large quantities of data required for tax and audit functions, e.g. SAF-T, FEC, plus regional variants. Designed to allow granular access permissions and to be fully compatible with HR, data protection, and information security policies, our intelligent data extraction solutions make light work of the large-scale data extractions required for SAF-T and SOX compliance.


TJC Group is also an official partner for the implementation of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance (DRC) solution, SAP’s answer to e-invoicing and e-reporting needs. SAP DRC is a global solution to address local requirements for the submission of electronic documents to government authorities. Get expert guidance to navigate such complex tax regulations and streamline operations for your business.

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How will your IT team benefit?

  • Single solution for SAF-T compliance across Europe. One centralised solution covers all SAF-T countries across Europe, producing compliant XML files in a timely manner with a unified user experience.
  • Flexible and scalable. TJC’s tax and audit-ready software is designed for multinational organisations seeking to standardise their software company-wide.
  • Traceable, direct access to data. Approved auditors can have direct access to perform extractions autonomously, with no need for additional IT involvement.
  • Developed by auditors for compliance teams in partnership with Big 4 auditors to precisely meet the requirements of local country audit standards.
  • Save time and money. Avoid using dedicated resources for mundane extraction tasks. Free up your IT resources to focus on more strategic activities.
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Key features of TJC’s tax and audit ready solutions

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    Intuitive interface rapidly generates data outputs in any file format

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    Perform large volume data extractions without compromising SAP system performance

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    Centralised information security protocols protect your data

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    Guaranteed consistency with source data.

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Other Solutions from TJC Group


SAF-T data extraction for all types of tax compliance based on local operating country requirements.


Generate, verify and optimise File of Accounting Entries (FEC) from online or archived data to comply with French tax regulations.


Quickly and easily retrieve large volumes of data from online and/or archived SAP tables without impacting SAP system performance.


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