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Advantages of using DSC

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Automated data management and compliance reporting solutions for SAP users

Manually compiling a high volume of DART compliant data extracts at the end of each accounting period is time consuming, error prone and can be a real drain on resources. Do you want your IT department generating data exports for regulators when they could be working on other value adding projects? What if there was a secure, automated and SAP certified solution to handle all DART reporting from SAP? One that’s easy to implement in-house?

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DSC means right DART data, right format, right time.

DART Sessions Cockpit allows you to automate, pre-schedule and then forget about the entire DART compliance reporting process. Our software integrates directly with SAP to provide centralised data extraction and reporting, configured to run at set intervals when it least impacts system performance.

DSC software is especially useful to organisations using SAP and filing monthly German or US tax returns. Using DSC means you can protect your internal SAP service level agreement with the business and can have a clear audit trail of every transaction – with no additional user management needed.

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Key benefits of DART Sessions Cockpit

  • Eliminate any manual effort required to produce tax and audit compliant DART files

  • Extract audit ready data from online and archived data sources within any SAP database

  • Maximise SAP system performance by pre-scheduling DART extracts to minimise latency

  • Maintain a clear audit trail of the entire DART extraction process

  • Produce standard DART reports and custom extractions

  • Optimise resource use – across all hardware, software and IT teams

  • Reduce your exposure to expensive SAP consultants

  • Link your DART process with your SAP data archiving retention rules

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