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Advantages of using FEC

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Comply with FEC filing requirements

Since 1 January 2014, the French tax authorities have required eligible businesses to produce a standard file of accounts for audit – le Fichier des écritures comptables (FEC). It is a hassle but failing to meet the tight deadlines to submit the FEC file in the right format means your company’s reputation is at risk.

SAP offers one solution to generating FEC files using the DART tool, but it’s a cumbersome process that requires time and specialist knowledge. Do you have the resources to implement all SAP’s prerequisites properly? If you are unfamiliar with DART, FEC 4.0 by TJC is SAP-Certified software that helps SAP customers overcome their tax and audit challenges. It’s compatible with FEC in France but also meets other OECD countries’ compliance requirements through a Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) package

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Simple and secure way to create FEC files

As data experts, TJC Group understands our customer’s challenges – it is one of the reasons why we developed our FEC software, working together with Big Four audit firms to simplify the process. TJC’s FEC software generates data extracts that are compliant with current French legal requirements and can be easily extended should these requirements change in future.

Key benefits of FEC software from TJC:

  • Pre-validation of the FEC File to ensure technical compliance and data quality

  • Achieve massive time savings and reduce implementation efforts

  • Detailed logs allowing auditors to trace extracts back to source data with ease

  • Built in ABAP, relevant data can be extracted from your SAP database

  • Proven track record with more than 400 clients worldwide

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FEC 4.0 Software - advanced functionality at your fingerprints

  • Compliant with Plant Abroad

  • Merge FEC files of several companies to submit a single aggregated file in the event of mergers and acquisitions

  • Perform balance and carry forward controls to verify opening balances

  • Verify the numbering sequence and validation date

  • Automate the file control with optimized balance controls

  • Compatible with SAP versions from ECC6 to S/4HANA UI5.

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