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Go beyond SAP archiving & extraction.
Leverage your data your way.

For over 20 years TJC Group has been providing business with consultancy and SAP certified software to support SAP data archiving and extraction for tax and audit.


The 1/4 hour Meetup with TJC Group experts

Doubts about Data Management or the move to S/4HANA? Bridge the gap with TJC experts in a 15 min virtual Q&A chat

S4HANA Migration

Are you ready for the HANArisation? Manage your Data Volumes to ensure a faster and easier transition to S4HANA. #S4Archiving

RIO TINTO case study

SAP legacy system decommissioning for a world leader in global mining.

Data Archiving, EU GDPR and the Journey to S/4HANA for EE/BT

Is your data consistent for an S/4HANA migration? Get the answers to secure your business data for the future.

A full range of solutions and software to help you use your SAP data more effectively

Do you want to reduce the overall size of your database? Do you need to implement an effective S/4 HANA migration management, or make extraction of your data for tax and auditing easier?  We provide a full suite of trusted software solutions that will help you use your SAP data more effectively and help your SAP business users work more efficiently.

What are you trying to achieve?

Simplify migration to SAP S/4HANA

Simplify your migration to S/4HANA reduce migration costs, and secure your business data for the future.

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Better data volume management

Ensure your business crucial data remains easily accessible while reducing overall data volumes.

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Get ready for tax & audit

Access online or archived data directly within your environment without impacting the performance.

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Make SAP SAF-T compliance easy

Innovative solutions that help you simplify compliance across multiple territories.

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Merge or decommission legacy systems

Simplify your legacy data storage and reduce your costs, while ensuring continued access.

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Enterprise content management

Highly cost-effective document management that leverages your existing SAP infrastructure.

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One of the most important reasons for us to use a tool like the ASC, is that it takes care of the repetitive and often tedious tasks involved with archiving, hereby reducing the risk of committing errors. Variants for SARA are automatically created with the correct parameters as set in the ASC.

Retention periods set in the ASC will assure that the archiving sessions are launched when necessary and that only historic data is archived. This process can be further refined by means of a calendar, if required. ASC has greatly reduced the amount of time involved in administrating SAP archiving. Quick ROI is a fact!

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ICT SAP Manager, Fabricom GDF Suez

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