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    Quick, stable and secure extraction of large data volumes from SAP

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    Provide the right online or archived data to auditors and regulators on time

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    Increase flexibility for end users whilst retaining data control

Key benefits of AEC

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It’s time to delegate. Easy data extraction from SAP

Data extraction for audit and fiscal compliance monitoring is a time consuming and potentially stressful task that’s easily automated with the right tools. Why not give users autonomy to design and run their own extractions in a secure manner, without involving IT?

Manually completing data extractions – for routine reporting and periodic audits – can be a complex and time-consuming process in SAP. When large data volumes (in excess of 30TB) are involved, system performance is typically compromised. What if there was a secure, SAP certified solution to allow secure data extractions by the end user? One that’s easy to navigate and simple for IT to administer? That’s AEC

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AEC supports secure data extraction from SAP in rapid time

Developed in partnership with auditors, AEC is TJC’s SAP certified solution for efficient data extraction. There is no need for users to have prior knowledge of the SAP archiving process to use AEC.

AEC (Audit Extraction Cockpit) software is also of added value for internal or external auditors reviewing transaction data or extractions for regulators in SAP. It integrates directly with SAP to complete fast and accurate data extractions with a full audit trail to verify consistency with original source data.

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Why you should invest in AEC software

  • Provide the right data to auditors and regulators more quickly and gain more autonomy over routine SAP Management

  • Remove compliance risks – spot data anomalies and inconsistencies before the auditors

  • Delegate data extraction tasks to the business user and free up IT resources for higher value projects

  • Tightly control data extraction to pre-authorised fields and periods for maximum security

  • Save time and minimise latency by automating and scheduling recurring extracts

  • Access approved data from online and archived data sources within any SAP database

  • Maintain a clear audit trail to the original data source for every transaction

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