SAPinsider Technology Insight on Data Archiving and Decommissioning

20-03-2023 | Data Management, Decommissioning of Legacy Systems, Enterprise Legacy System Application (ELSA), S/4HANA migration, SAP data archiving

TJC Group CEO, Thierry Julien, sat down with Robert Holland, Vicepresident and Research Director at SAPinsider, to talk about what is possible the biggest data related challenge today: managing the exponentially increasing volume of data they are creating.

Data is, undoubtedly, the most important asset of any organization. In this report, Julien and Holland discuss about the need to ensure the data in their systems conforms to appropriate data privacy, data residency, and data sovereignty requirements. As new solutions are deployed and data grows old, organisations will inevitably face the need to switch off legacy systems while retaining access to legacy data for audit and compliance reasons. Data archiving and decommissioning can be effective strategies to replace legacy systems.

Main takeaways from this report:

  • Organizations are gathering a rising amount of data, and on top of that, it’s important to preserve and manage that data in a way that’s efficient and compliant.
  • Questions about data privacy, residency, and sovereignty must be addressed for both existing systems and any data archives.
  • Companies wanting to move to SAP S/4HANA or move new systems can greatly benefit from having an archiving and decommissioning strategy in place

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