Fichier des Écritures Comptables (FEC) Solution Sheet

30-01-2020 | fichier des écritures comptables (F.E.C.), SAP data extraction, SAP Tax Compliance

Since 1st January 2014, the French Tax Authorities require eligible businesses to produce a standard file of accounts for audit – the Fichier des Écritures Comptables. The new FEC 4.0, released in 2020, makes it easy to extract large amounts of data from SAP to quickly generate the FEC file, without impacting on the performance of your SAP system.

The new FEC 4.0 enables organizations:

  • To quickly generate the FEC file with advanced selection criteria.
  • To execute data extractions without impacting on the performance of SAP systems.
  • To optimize the FEC file compliance with new features:
    Plant Abroad, Archive access, Excel upload, FEC by establishments, etc.
  • To automate the file control with optimized balance controls.