Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC) Whitepaper

24-08-2021 | Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC), SAP data extraction, SAP Tax Compliance

Filtering and extracting large quantities of data for tax and audit purposes can require significant effort and may present system security and performance issues. Your database is a goldmine for authorized users who need to analyze and identify productivity gains or financial savings, which will sometimes amount to millions.

Find out how the Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC), an SAP certified software solution, allows auditors to quickly and easily retrieve data from online and archived SAP tables.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • Application of the AEC characteristics. The auditors can carry out data extraction using a dedicated SAP transaction and can start it without ‘disturbing’ the SAP CC and system administrators.
  • Advanced settings for administrations.
  • Security and access recommendations.
  • Benefits of the AEC to streamline data extraction and analyses.

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