Spotlight on your Sales Lead – Olivier Simonet

19-11-2018 | < 1 min read | Careers, TJC Group Corporate

Olivier Simonet, our VP for Sales and Marketing

He completed his MBA degree in the USA then started his career back in France which has since then developed into a global scope. 

He is well-versed in European history and culture and his reading list has included Eisenhower’s biography to Churchill and his favorite, Lee Kuan Yew who was Prime Minister of Singapore.

If not reading a book, he will be tuning in to a sports game of all kinds – Formula 1 Gran Prix, French Open, Football championships, etc.

He also spends his free time helping administer several Senegalese business organizations and have recently come back from the Forum de Saint Louis. He is focused on advising for the sustainable economic growth of these companies.

He has always prioritized people’s persona over qualifications, experience, and background. This is applied in all aspects from recruitment to reseller selection and especially to customer relationships. He has enabled TJC business to grow in size and reach by opening doors to different channels and establishing strong partnerships and subsidiaries worldwide.

“With the advent of AI and new smart technology including existing automation direction, I strongly believe that the human being must always remain the center of our interests because Honesty, Trust and Sincerity comes from the heart and not from machines. A successful partnership is built by people to people and not between machines.” 

– Olivier

On that note, here is a quick link to connect with him on LinkedIn