TJC Group expands operations to the Americas to meet growing demand for SAP Data Management Services

26-03-2024 | 2 min read | Enterprise Legacy System Application (ELSA), TJC Group Corporate

NEW YORK CITY, [MARCH 26, 2024] – TJC Group, a leading provider of SAP data management solutions, announced today the establishment of TJC Americas Inc., marking its further expansion into the American continent. The move underscores TJC Group’s commitment to becoming a global leader in SAP data management and addresses the increased demand in North America for expert SAP system decommissioning products and localized services.

Across the Americas region, TJC Group has identified a significant demand for data management services from companies preparing for future S/4HANA migrations or SAP platform consolidations. The establishment of TJC Americas Inc. will build on TJC Group’s proven business model, assisting local SAP customers in reducing SAP ownership costs while ensuring regulatory compliance.

TJC Americas Inc. will be headquartered in New York City with an operational hub near SAP Americas headquarters in Newtown Square. The primary focus will be providing expert system decommissioning and data protection services to organizations retiring their legacy systems, both SAP and non-SAP, essential to their S/4HANA implementation. The U.S. branch will also offer consulting services for SAP’s global tax compliance, auditing tools, and SAP ILM data management in response to tax and audit requests from tax authorities.

The suite of software implementation services available will include deployments of TJC Group’s cloud application for system decommissioning (ELSA) and a range of solutions for Data Management, such as the Archiving Session Cockpit (ASC) for ILM, and compliance solutions like the Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC), SAF-T reporting, and FEC (Fichier des Écritures Comptables) software. TJC Americas Inc. will also deploy SAP’s standard solution for e-invoicing and e-reporting: SAP Document and Reporting Compliance.

Thierry Julien, CEO at TJC Group, commented, “TJC Americas Inc. offers deep technical expertise paired with unparalleled business knowledge of SAP business processes across different modules. Supported by our European headquarters, this new operation positions us as an ideal partner to implement innovative and cost-saving solutions for organizations looking to retire legacy systems. This will enable our customers to continue using historical data, especially with GenAI.

As organizations undergo technological transformations, they are inevitably faced with legacy systems or applications that have become outdated. Simplifying an enterprise’s overall IT system landscape with system decommissioning is the most cost-effective way to reduce long-term ownership costs and remain compliant.

TJC Group’s SAP-certified Enterprise Legacy System Application (ELSA) is considered a game-changing application for professional system decommissioning to support digital transformation within the data management industry. Through the ELSA gateway, organizations can easily and quickly access any legacy data, reports, and documents needed for regulatory compliance, without the risk and expense of maintaining old systems that have outlived their purpose. A recent success for the TJC Americas Inc. team includes the implementation of ELSA at a leading manufacturing company in preparation for its migration to SAP S/4HANA.

TJC Americas and TJC Group management at SAPinsider Vegas 2024
TJC Americas and members of TJC Group board of directors at SAPinsider Vegas 2024.