Team spotlight | Laura Parri Royo – Marketing Director, TJC Group

04-10-2023 | 3 min read | TJC Group Corporate

Team spotlight | Laura Parri Royo – Marketing Director, TJC Group

Precision, perfection, and optimism – these words are synonymous with Laura Parri Royo, who has been leading the marketing team with the utmost finesse. This month’s spotlight is dedicated to this extravagant powerhouse of TJC Group!

Andante ad libitum

Belonging to the beautiful country of Spain, Laura Parri Royo is an extraordinary people’s person. With an extensively impressive track record, she has successfully delivered powerful global marketing and communication strategies for companies in several industries, particularly healthcare and software. She attained her degree in Business Administration and Marketing and Communication – now, heading a marketing team with 12+ years of industry expertise.  

Not just this, Laura is an understanding leader, spreading positivity amongst the team. Her achievements are remarkable, and apart from being the intellect that she is – Laura is multilingual and can speak Spanish, Catalan, English, and French.  

Interesting, right? Her tremendous growth curve had us intrigued, and we wanted to share the same with our readers. So, here’s an excerpt from our interview 

Question: Can you walk us through your career before joining TJC Group?

I worked for several organisations across different industries, particularly IT and construction, pretty much always in marketing though my very first job was in Accounting and SAP systems. Notably, I worked for Cerner Corporation, an organisation part of Oracle, paving the way in software for healthcare.

Question: Why marketing and communications?

Gabriel García Márquez, a Colombian novelist and distinguished name in Spanish literature, used to say “What isn’t explained, it doesn’t exist”. This is the reason why I believe Marketing and communication is a crucial area within a company. While marketing can be seen as the great devil pushing individuals to spend more, it is also the means to bring value to organisations, customers, and a whole community by bridging the gap between businesses and consumers. Marketing can deliver useful information for people to engage with a product or service that will make their life easier, and overall, to make them make an informed decision.

Question: Can you tell us more about your role at TJC Group?

Marketing is a pivotal area within a company that gets involved in a plethora of projects, and this is what makes my day-to-day at TJC Group so vibrant and varied. I can either find myself planning a campaign to promote a new product, writing a blog article with support from cross-functional teams within TJC Group, or supporting the HR team in their recruitment and training needs. I am extremely lucky to work alongside a tight-knit team of talented marketers. 

As a Marketing Director at TJC Group, I lead the marketing team to ensure key objectives are met and communicate on TJC Group products and services across different audiences.

Question: So, what do you like the most about your work?

TJC Group is a unique organisation in many ways. The ethics of the management, the opportunity to own your path, a welcoming environment, open doors where everyone is free to share fresh ideas, the team spirit of my colleagues always willing to share and collaborate, a fresh company culture that has perfectly adapted to change in technology, in working trends, etc.  TJC Group is the place where I’ve been given the freedom to thrive and grow professionally. 

Question: Did you, or rather, do you face any challenges at work?

It is a very technical industry, and for someone from a non-technical background (I’m more of an art person), it wasn’t a flying start. It took plenty of readings, many explanations from colleagues and a deep dive into the world of data volume management to get to grips with it.

Question: Have these challenges ever made you feel like giving up?

The beauty of working in IT is that it’s a never-ending, fascinating world. There isn’t a single day that I go to bed without learning something new. Even though times get tough at times, at the end of the day – everything falls in place. So, to answer your question – no, these challenges never made me feel like giving up 😊 

Question: Before closing, would you like to share something about your personal life?

Music is my passion, I learnt the music language when I was a kid, and I’ve sung in many choirs over the years. In 2021, my life took a turn for the best experience ever when my daughter was born. She’s my favourite little person. Since then, I have devoted my time to her and my other half, Rafa, partner in crime, and the rest of my family. That said, when not found with my family, I am either off skiing and hiking, or Netflix-ing when in need of disconnection!  

It is always a pleasure to learn about our virtuous team members and share their journey with everyone. Connect with Laura on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay updated about TJC Group, marketing, and more!