eBook How Data Volume Management contributes to Sustainability

27-03-2023 | Data Management, Decommissioning of Legacy Systems, SAP data archiving, Sustainability

Did you know that data, growing at exponential rates, is one of IT’s hidden polluters? Today the digital economy accounts for 3 to 4% of the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Is your organisation committed to reducing its carbon footprint? Download this Ebook to find out ways to reduce your organisation’s CO2 Footprint. Contribute towards your company’s sustainability targets in 2023 through thoughtful data volume management.

This Ebook also shares practical examples of how proactive Data Archiving and a proper Information Lifecycle Management plan helps to reduce IT TCO (total cost of ownership) versus the cost of simply doing nothing.

Main takeaways

  • Understand why data is a rapidly growing invisible polluter.
  • What is the effect of doing nothing to curb data growth?
  • How SAP Data Archiving and SAP ILM achieve energy savings
  • Where does Legacy System decommissioning fit into this framework
  • Case Study by a large international beverage company

When it comes to considering how to cut your organisational carbon footprint there are many ways to control IT’s impact.

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