Diagram Archiving Project

12-12-2019 | Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC), Data Management, S/4HANA migration, SAP data archiving

Archiving is one of the most effective strategies to manage your data volume and lifecycle.

Most companies apply this strategy to improve system performance and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as well as to comply with legal data retention rules. With the onslaught of Big Data and IoT (the Internet of Things), there is an explosion of data growth at a rate faster than the seconds it takes you to read out ‘database archiving’. And with the introduction of new technologies like SAP HANA and S/4 HANA suite, there is more urgency for a strong Data Volume Management strategy.


The Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) is an SAP-Certified advanced tool that makes SAP archiving easy, reducing the staff time required, minimizing the impact on system performance and eliminating manual errors.


Find out the steps to be taken in an Archiving Project in this infographic.


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