Report Automation Cockpit (RAC)

Report Automation Cockpit (RAC)

Your fiscal reporting can require significant, repetitive manual input. RAC allows you to securely automate your reporting, freeing up resource and reducing the risk of errors being introduced. Integrating seamlessly with SAP, RAC provides you with a centralized cockpit to manage all of your reporting tasks.

Report Automation Cockpit (RAC) simplifies the definition and management of ongoing and one-off reports from your SAP database by automating the process. This reduces the need for staff to perform repetitive manual tasks, cutting the cost of reporting and reducing the risk of errors being introduced.

RAC has been designed to meet client needs for a tool to support the high volume of reporting generated by ILM and decommissioning projects, as well as audit and tax obligations.

How does Report Automation Cockpit (RAC) work?

RAC is an ABAP add-on certified by SAP that automatically generates periodic reports and provides flexible output options. Fully integrated with SAP and using the SAP user interface, RAC can be easily incorporated into your existing workflows. RAC provides secure user access using your SAP system settings and ensures secure transmission and retrieval of data.

RAC provides a single, easy to use interface for defining, running, monitoring and reviewing reports. Reports can be defined based on variants, report frequency, output format and storage destination. Reports can be output in PDF, RTF or TXT formats as per your requirements.

What are the benefits of Report Automation Cockpit (RAC)?

Eliminates the need for extensive and repetitive manual tasks

Reporting can require significant staff effort to define and run in order to meet the requirements of your business for audit or ILM. RAC dramatically reduces this requirement by automating many of these tasks.

Reduces manual errors

The repetitive, manual nature of traditional SAP reporting can lead to errors being introduced, which can cause significant problems. RAC can eliminate these errors by automating the tasks and reducing the opportunities for errors to be introduced.

Fully logged and traceable

For audit purposes you can be confident that the reports generated by RAC are consistent with the original data. Full logging allows you to trace outputs back the their data source.

Makes it easy to generate large volumes of reports

Mass reporting is key for ILM and SAP decommissioning and merging projects to ensure fiscal compliance in the future. RAC simplifies the generation of multiple reports without the need for repetitive manual tasks.

Configurable user access

Granular security settings allow systems administrators to grant auditors, tax managers and other key staff access to reports at any time without compromising the security of your SAP data.

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