Spotlight on your sales lead – Frederic Hottner

09-09-2019 | 2 min read | Careers, TJC Group Corporate

Meet Frederic Hottner, our Head of Sales for Germany 

As Head of Sales for Germany, Frederic focuses on engaging with and developing client relationships in Germany as well as ensuring optimal operations for our customers in the DACH region.

Frederic was born in Germany and spent his childhood in France until he was 12-years-old, when he moved back to Germany to continue his studies. He completed a master’s degree in Business Administration and Management at the Rosenheim University.

Frederic has acquired a deep knowledge of SAP market along his professional career. The 12 years he spent at Hanse Orga Group (now Serrala), have provided him in-depth expertise in developing new business within SAP large enterprise accounts. Altogether with Frederic’s excellent understanding of the business arena in France, Frederic owned the perfect set of skills to steer TJC Group expansion strategy in Germany. In deed TJC Germany GmBH officially opened its doors in 2017.

Setting foot in a new land is rarely obstacle free. Daily challenges, like impatience caused by the hectic pace the business world spins on, put Frederic’s savoir-faire to test. Intuition, patience and persistence are Frederic’s hidden abilities to drive successful business from scratch.

“If we can shape true relationships and we are not afraid of engaging in meaningful conversations, we will be more connected to ourselves, to inspire confidence and achieve commitment in others”

 Frederic Hottner

Nowadays, customers have a serious sense for authenticity, therefore superficial behaviours in sales causes uncertainty. When salespeople show their authentic, transparent side they are perceived as genuine human beings empowering the trust needed to build meaningful relationships. In doing so, we lay the foundations for effective management and charisma, allowing us to really become customer-centric, away from pure sales intentions. Hence Frederic’s business ethos is all about relationships, loyalty and commitment.

Last but not least, the word “Fulfilment” describes an internal attitude of appreciation for himself as a person. Taking his aspirations and values seriously and putting his own abilities to test is essential to Frederic. In his free time, you’ll find Frederic glued to his SUP board paddling on lakes, rivers and on the sea, or riding his race bike.

Frederic will be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn or Xing.