Export Destination: business expansion to the Middle East

20-02-2020 | 2 min read | SAP Data Management, Tax and Audit Readiness

The podcast series Planète Innov, tackles the distinctive features of business expansion to the Middle East, which is synonymous with abundant financial resources and large-scale projects. In this extract, Olivier Simonet, VP Sales and Marketing at TJC Group, shares his personal view about the motivations to look towards countries like Saudi Arabia.

TJC Group, a software company specialising in Data Volume Management, has recently opened an office in Dubai with the support of Business France. The journalist Bruno Lorenzi opens the conversation by posing a question about the practicalities of entering the IT Market in the Middle East. “When meeting a Saudi company in the IT sector, you will encounter 2 different audiences: the Indians or Pakistanis, who are responsible for deploying the technical implementation, and the Saudis, who are the decision makers”, remarks Olivier Simonet.

After having operated in European markets for over 20 years, TJC decided to leave its comfort zone and explore new markets. “We have tested the region and observed a lot of positive interest in Data Volume Market for SAP companies”, Simonet highlights.

The Middle East offers significant growth opportunities, while at the same time it is important to have a clear value proposition with innovative solutions at its core. “The Saudis demand creative solutions. They want to talk to real experts and see the benefits of working with the software solutions proposed by TJC”.

The need for innovation will naturally flow into the establishment of international brands in Middle East. “The region is looking to invest beyond the oil and gas industry. In Dubai, innovation is everywhere; in Saudi Arabia the policy “Back to work” is ambitious”, concludes Simonet.

The podcast also shares the testimonial of Christelle Peyran, Head of Business France Qatar and Tech & Services for Middle East.

Listen to the full podcast Planète Innov here.  

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