Spotlight on your technical lead - Thierry JULIEN


Thierry Julien, our CEO and founder of TJC Group.

He worked in the USA for 2-3 years before deciding to move back home to France and set up his own business.

During the first 10 years of TJC Group, he has always stuck with his principle of building and maintaining good working relationships with his customers. This allows him to understand the challenges customers are facing and provide unique solutions for different situations.

He has a very technical mind but also a strong business sense which allows him to bridge the technical and commercial worlds. This unique position enables him to strategies and solutions that consider requirements from both sides.

He is so highly qualified that he was one of the first trainers for SAP on SAP Archiving course in Western Europe.

His hands-on approach to projects keeps him grounded and facilitates the development of solutions to organization's challenges. This also gives him a pragmatic sense for thought-leadership.

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