Of small beginnings, good relationships – TJC trivia

23-05-2017 | 2 min read | TJC Group Corporate

“I just filled in the gap for a friend in need.”

Thierry Julien had a successful career as a consultant with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the USA. The desire to settle down in his home country nudged him to move back to France in 1997. He then set up his own company, Thierry Julien Conseil (TJC), initially offering real manufacturing software for businesses with 20-70 employees but still doing his consultancy job.

In 1998, he was part of a consulting project and was responsible for PP but the firm still needed a PM and a QM. Thierry told his friend, who is the owner of the firm, to get any help that he can get and he will pick up the other modules. That’s when he filled in the need and started QM.

He was also in touch with an old mate from engineering school who was looking for a job. He realized that his friend had the mindset and qualities perfect for a QM role. He called his friend and said, “Hey, if you’re still free, would you like to join my company?”

Also in the same year, Thierry was in contact with a supplier in the aerospace industry who just finished an SAP implementation project with a partner. The company then required a few other consultancy work completed and TJC decided to step in and address the needs. One of them was SAP archiving. From there, the TJC phone started to ring with enquiries about SAP archiving consultancy.

This was the beginning of the journey to becoming one of the few experts in the niche area of SAP archiving.