Fichier des écritures comptables (FEC)

Fichier des écritures comptables (FEC)

Since 1 January 2014 the French tax authorities have required eligible businesses to produce a standard file of accounts for audit – the Fichier des écritures comptables (FEC). Our FEC software makes producing compliant files simple, without impacting on the performance of your SAP system.

Our FEC software solution makes it easy to generate data extracts that are compliant with current French legal requirements and can be easily extended should these requirements change in future. Developed in collaboration with one of the Big Four audit firms, the software makes it easy to extract fully compliant data according to the requirements of FEC.

Developed to meet the OECD guidelines for SAF-T and updated to meet the specific definition issued by the French authorities, our FEC software can dramatically reduce the cost of implementation and compliance.

  • Built in ABAP, you can extract only the relevant data from your SAP database
  • Extract large volumes of data with ease
  • Output data in the standard .txt format required by the French authorities or in .ais format for
  • Easy import into auditing software
  • Generate the balance to be carried forward as per the French tax regulations
  • Produces detailed logs for data traceability to ensure that your extracts are consistent with source data
  • Advanced SAP security features to give direct access to data, while maintaining your organizational information security policies

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Stay compliant with the latest version FEC 4.0 

Discover the new release FEC 4.0, a powerful solution that includes advanced features to easily generate, verify and optimize the Fichier des Écritures Comptables (FEC) from online or archived sources. New technical improvements and technical checks to generate the FEC File quicker, securely and accurately. 

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What are the benefits of the FEC software by TJC?

Stable and reliable performance, even with large data extractions

Our FEC software has been specifically designed to manage large data volumes without stability issues. The ABAP code base and close integration with SAP makes it easy for system administrators to minimise the impact on wider system performance.

Full audit trail to ensure data consistency

With detailed logs allowing auditors to trace extracts back to source data with ease, you can be confident that the data in your FEC extracts are consistent with the source data and that the risk to your business is minimized.

Make better use of your business data

The FEC software allows you to easily access and extract data from both your live SAP and non-SAP databases. This data can then be analyzed and reviewed in detail, providing the potential to identify productivity gains or significant financial savings.

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TJC Group have 20 years' experience in providing innovative software solutions for businesses using SAP. We work closely with the Big Four audit firms, leveraging our expertise to develop tools for audit and tax compliance. By helping businesses to easily extract and query their data, we help companies to ensure compliance with tax and audit regulations with cost effective solutions.

To learn more about how our FEC software can support your business, contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our experts.