Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC)

Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC)

Data archiving is an essential element of effective SAP system management. Automating your archiving with our Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) means you can forget about archiving, saving staff time and system resources.

Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) makes SAP archiving easy, reducing the staff time required, minimizing the impact on system performance and eliminating manual errors.

Originally developed in 2005 in response to a customer request, ASC has been further developed based on client feedback. It can now be used across all of the key SAP products to archive hundreds of different objects.

How does Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) work?

ASC is a SAP certified add-on developed in ABAP. It provides a single, simple interface for managing and monitoring SAP archiving. This allows archiving to continue on an ongoing basis without significant staff input, greatly increasing the ROI of an archiving project.

Because ASC can create and manage multiple variants of archiving jobs to suit your different reporting requirements, significant reductions in person-hours and use of system resources can easily be achieved.


What are the benefits of Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC)?

Automate your recurrent archiving processes

Your ongoing archiving jobs can effectively be 'forgotten' with ASC. This avoids the risk of manual errors and duplications that can result from manually initiated archiving tasks and provides a significant saving in resource.

Manages the growth of your SAP database throughout the life of the system

Regular archiving using ASC will keep the overall size of your SAP database within manageable levels, delaying the need for hardware investment and providing a positive impact on system performance.

Simplifies the definition and implementation of complex archiving tasks

Archiving tasks specific to particular functions, such as audit and tax compliance are more straightforward to implement and run alongside more general archiving tasks.

Allows archiving jobs to be defined based on a range of variables

Specific archiving jobs can easily be created by country, company group or other variable. This helps to freeze your data against organizational changes such as sale, merger or transfer of activity.

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TJC Group are experts in SAP archiving, with 20 years' experience. We have now worked with over 400 companies worldwide in a diverse range of industries. Our expertise and desire to innovate means that we can support your business to manage your data effectively. Our solutions covering archiving, document management, data extraction and decommissioning,enabling us to advise on the management of your business information throughout its lifecycle.

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