Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC)

SAP Data Extraction Tool

Developed to simplify the extraction of data for audit purposes from both online and archive sources, AEC can dramatically reduce the time it takes to provide auditors with the relevant data.

Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC) is a SAP certified software solution that allows auditors to quickly and easily retrieve data from online and archived SAP tables.

Systems administrators can set authorizations on a by field basis and limit access by table or selection criteria to give auditors autonomy within your existing security policies and limit the impact on system performance.

How does Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC) work?

Developed in collaboration with auditors, AEC is a certified ABAP add-on for SAP that generates archives in any format to ensure your archived data will be readily accepted by audit tools.

AEC has been designed to managed large data volumes (in excess of 30TB) without impacting on the performance of your SAP system.


What are the benefits of Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC)?

Saves time and resources

By giving auditors autonomy to design and run extracts, within the parameters of your information and systems security, the need for support from systems administrators can be greatly reduced.

AEC also allows for the automation of recurring extracts, reducing the staff time required to access relevant data. This automation ensures that the right data is delivered to the right person without errors and on time.

Make better use of your business data

AEC allows you to access and immediately extract data easily, from both your live database and archived data. This data can then be analyzed and reviewed, allowing you to identify productivity gains or financial savings that could amount to millions.

No impact on system performance

Being written in ABAP, the AEC add-on can be easily managed by systems administrators with the ability to schedule extracts, define time slots and set forbidden dates. System administrators can set the maximum number of processes and extracts per table to manage the impact on system performance.

Complete traceability

By working with auditors in the design and development of AEC, we have created a SAP extraction tool that ensures consistency with the source data.

Find out more about how Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC) can support your business

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