Webinar SAP® S/4HANA Update: SAP®ECC Legacy System Decommissioning 

Decommissioning, S/4HANA

Header Webinar SAP® S/4HANA Update: SAP®ECC Legacy System Decommissioning

30 MAY, 2024


21:30 - 22:15



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Join this webinar to learn how to deploy a modern and cost-effective approach to decommissioning of your legacy system landscape. 

What you will learn:

  • How ELSA by TJC, an SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) cloud application, can be utilized to decommission legacy SAP ECC ERP systems.
  • What ELSA features and functions are critical for a successful implementation.
  • How a simplified IT landscape looks like after the implementation.
  • How to solve access and compliance needs with a FIORI like data browser.
  • Why S/4HANA customers are moving forward with ELSA.

We’ll share the case of a large US manufacturing company that has slashed significant annual costs by decommissioning their existing SAP ECC6 system while ensuring access to legacy data through ELSA by TJC on SAP BTP.

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