FI_ELBANK : Access to archived SAP bank data

04-03-2013 | < 1 min read | SAP Data Archiving, SAP Data Management

The electronic bank statement (bank extract) is a main pillar of SAP FI.

The two major transactions which are used in SAP are: FEBA and FF_6.

FEBA allows managing bank extracts, as shows the previous  screen.

This screen (on an IDES system) displays the result: the list of postings of bank 1000, and we can select a posting .F.Ex that’s one about 3600 EUR, saved on the date of 05.09.2003

We have also the transaction FF_6 which allows display of the extract of the electronic account.

In the case of large companies, bank statements with 1000 items are meanwhile no longer uncommon. This means that enormous volumes of data occur daily in this area, putting a strain on the database over time.

More, the screens are in chronological order, but this data is important for the case of control.

This data can only be kept under control by consequent archiving within the framework of a stringent Information Lifecycle Management concept.

The archiving of object FI_ELBANK is very common, even when that object does not present a significant volume.

Today, the PBS archive add-on CEB supports the archiving object FI_ELBANK for electronical bank data.