SAP data archiving & optimization

What is SAP data archiving?

In general terms SAP data archiving is the removal of completed business application data from your SAP database. Removed data is compressed and stored in archive files which can be later accessed using application reports or through an Archive Information System (SAP AS). Data archiving can play a pivotal role in maintaining SAP system performance as your business data increases over time. Increased data can directly impact on storage capacities and performance, particularly if mirroring or replication is involved.

We can help you to manage the volume of your business data without impacting its availability and accessibility for business users. Our proven SAP data archiving methodology provides a smart way to reduce data volume without compromising on data integrity or security, while providing a user friendly means of accessing business data.

Tailored to suit your business, optimized SAP data volume management from TJC Group can support you to proactively manage your data and reduce the risk to your business. The improvements to system response times can support system stability and maintenance while improving access to data for business purposes.

Our approach to optimized data volume management

Optimized data volume management can make your business more efficient and improve your access to the data that's really relevant to you. Our methodology takes into account business needs as well as the implications for SAP administrators and IT teams in a process that works well for all.

Optimized data volume management goes beyond SAP data archiving and deletion. Our approach ensures that your business crucial data remains easily accessible while reducing the overall volume to more manageable levels. We will work with your internal teams to identify your obsolete data and define a complete, end-to-end process that manages data across the whole lifecycle. Our certified automation tools ensure that you continue to see benefits, even after the end of the project.

What are the benefits of optimized data volume management?

The volume of your data grows every day. This has recurring implications on your hardware, SAP system performance and the accessibility of your data.

Our optimized data volume management methodology solves these issues and provides a number of additional benefits:

  • Allows you to control the growth of your data volume and effectively plan your infrastructure.
  • Automation to reduce SAP administrator input.
  • Ensures relevant data is easily accessible by those who need it, within your established security protocols.
  • Improves system performance and access times.
  • Full knowledge transfer and extensive documentation ensure that the solution is sustainable and provides a robust ROI.

Learn more about how optimized data volume management can support your business

TJC group have over 20 years of experience of delivering SAP archiving projects. We've worked with businesses large and small, local and multinational, across a broad spectrum of industries. Our methodology has been proven to be reliable, scalable and flexible enough to deal with new requirements, such as the introduction of SAF-T.

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