TJC Group: your partners in data management and optimization since 1997

For 20 years TJC Group has been providing businesses with expert consultancy and SAP certified software to support SAP data archiving and extraction for tax and audit. The business now works with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

  TJC Group was founded in 1997. Since then we have grown to be globally respected experts in specialist SAP archive consultancy and software development. Our expertise covers a wide range of functions that can support businesses using SAP:

  • Data archiving and data volume management.
  • Document archiving and ILM.
  • Fiscal archiving and reporting for tax and audit - including SAF-T compliance.
  • Data extraction for audit and analytics.
  • Selective retention and destruction of data and documents.
  • System decommissioning, mergers and acquisitions.

Over 400 clients worldwide have now taken advantage of our specialist consultancy and customized software to support their business.

Providing dramatic cost reductions to clients

We specialize in complex projects that require specific technical skills. We combine in-depth technical knowledge of SAP systems with an understanding of business processes, including tax and audit obligations, ensure we can provide significant value to our clients.

We have developed an approach that aims to optimize both technical and business processes and has been proven to be successful across a wide range of industries. Our detailed consultancy, innovative software and holistic approach have allowed us to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of SAP systems for many of our clients.

Knowledge transfer is a key feature of our projects, allowing your business to see continued benefits from the project long after is has ended.

A trusted partner

With a client base now numbering over 400 businesses globally, TJC Group has proven itself to be a reliable and capable partner to companies of all sizes. We have also worked with the world's leading audit firms to develop solutions that tackle the biggest challenges facing SAP users globally.

Having supported multinational businesses that operate under many different regulatory frameworks, TJC Group has the experience and flexibility required to deliver results for any business. Our software and solutions are designed with flexibility and future development in mind, allowing us to easily extend them into new territories or legal obligations.

By listening to the needs of our clients, we ensure that our software and solutions provide a return on investment and support businesses to overcome the specific challenges presented within their SAP system. As a result, our clients have cut costs, improved business processes and ensured full compliance with their fiscal and legal obligations.

Corporate structure

TJC Group is based in Marseille, France, with offices near Paris. It operates in the UK and Ireland via a UK subsidiary, TJC UK & Ireland based in Milton Keynes.

TJC Group is a privately held corporation, registered as a Société anonyme in France with a capitalization of €70,000

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