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SAP ILM, Data Aging, GDRP, legacy system decommissioning, tax audit preparation. Find out more in this video or contact us.


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At the beginning of 2011, the need to archive data had emerged as a priority to ensure the continuity of the SAP solution. After having questioned various stakeholders, we have selected TJC because of their strong expertise, both on the technical and on the legal dimension. The core business of TJC is ILM. At first, we ordered an audit of our base. Then, following this report we contracted the initial archiving project based on the recommendations of TJC. During the project, the TJC team showed a true control of all archiving problems and they have consistently met the requirements. All objectives including the schedule were met. Due to this success, we did not hesitate to ask TJC to guarantee the recurrent archiving processes and support this by a BPO contract. Today, TJC ensures the recurrent processes and also archiving support on demand. Since the beginning of this functional mode, no problem has appeared. Deadlines are met and requests met. To the human expertise has also been added a catalogue of tools, with the foundation being the software ASC. After a set-up phase, ASC automates repetitive tasks and securely executes the archiving sessions. It really allowed for significant gains in both project phase and the recurrent mode.

Manuel HUSER - Head of Application Management

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