Database mergers, divestments and SAP system decommissioning

Mergers, acquisitions, divestment and SAP system decommissioning

Your business must be able to respond quickly to change in order to be effective. Changes in technology, the nature of your business and changes to the law can all result in legacy SAP systems that require decommissioning. Maintenance of legacy SAP systems can be costly, but access to historical data and documents is required for many. TJC Group can provide a legacy SAP system decommissioning solution that provides ROI and maintains access to 100% of the data and documents you require for day-to-day business follow up.

Our proven legacy SAP decommissioning solution ensures that 100% of your historic data and documents are extracted. You can easily access this data in the same format with same look and feel as previously.

Our software provides you with a simple administrative interface that allows you to manage and extract data from any number of decommissioned SAP systems. This can provide a significant cost reduction, freeing up infrastructure and resource while protecting data according to legal retention rules.

What is legacy SAP system decommissioning?

Our SAP database decommissioning process involves 100% of the data in your SAP database and importing this into your chosen content system. This data can then continue to be accessed without the need for the SAP system. By maintaining links with SAP documents and providing full traceability, our decommissioning solution provides a seamless experience for SAP users. For mergers, acquisitions and divestments, our solution gives you complete flexibility over which data is retained and what is divested.

What are the benefits of legacy SAP system decommissioning?

As our decommissioning projects are based on a fixed price we can guarantee a return on investment. Decommissioning legacy SAP systems can free up maintenance budgets, reduce hardware costs and resource requirements. The long-term cost savings that this provides can be significant, but our decommissioning approach can provide a range of additional benefits:

  • Allows you to retire obsolete technologies and support of multiple systems.
  • As 100% of the data is extracted, you can have confidence in the consistency and integrity of the data.
  • Ensures records are retained and managed as per your legal obligations.
  • Simplifies storage requirements.
  • Enables continued, direct access to data for tax, audit and business purposes.

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TJC Group provides reliable solutions for SAP databases that have been implemented by over 400 businesses globally. For 20 years we have supported companies in a diverse range of industries to manage their SAP databases effectively using our SAP certified software.

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