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Why has data archiving become essential?

Does your business generate large amounts of data? Are you paying to store legacy data? Having excess data volume reduces the performance of your ERP and will increase total cost of ownership (TCO). SAP data archiving plays a crucial role in good systems management and will drastically reduce the volume and growth of your data. In turn, it significantly reduces the TCO and the data volume of your information systems. Save time, optimise resource utilisation and increase productivity by entrusting us with your archiving.

Our proven approach to data archiving

First, we will carry out an archiving assessment to define the scope of the project and the expected quantified objectives. These recommendations will be implemented and automated using our Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) software, which ensures regular archiving and eliminates manual archiving errors.

TJC also helps identify open items in your SAP systems and sets up the right methodology to close them, hence maximising the benefits of data archiving. Indeed, customers with the ASC machine dramatically reduce the size of their database and achieve an average archiving rate of over 95%.

When your SAP Data Archiving project is finished, TJC offers an ongoing SAP ILM / Archiving BPO service to maximise your business processes, performing archiving runs monthly to optimise the benefits of recurrent archiving.


Why should you complete automated data archiving?

  • Rapidité

    Improve SAP business process efficiency

  • Gain de temps

    Significantly reduce time and effort in a HANA migration project

  • Archivage

    Automate, optimise and improve data archiving reliability

  • Diminution

    Reduce the volume and growth of your data

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Reduce your database volume safely and easily through automation.
ASC automates archiving and eliminates manual errors without impacting customer business processes. ASC greatly reduces the size of the database and achieves an average archiving rate of over 95%.


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