Team spotlight | Shwetha Siddappa – SAP Technical Consultant

04-04-2024 | 4 Minute gelesen | Karriere, Unternehmen der TJC-Gruppe

Shwetha comes from the beautiful state of Karnataka, India. She was born and brought up in Mysore, which is known as the Sandalwood City of India, due to its sandalwood products and incense sticks industry. She has completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from the well-known Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka. Currently, she is located in the United Kingdom with her family and is working out of our UK office.

For TJC Group, Shwetha is one of the key pillars of our technical development team. Her professional journey has been so amazing that learning about it made us feel both happy and proud to have and be associated with her.

Answer: As you are already aware of my educational background, I will give you a short overview of my journey after graduation. So, I started working with SAP Labs India Bangalore as a Software Engineer after I attained my grad degree. Post that, I gradually moved up the ladder working with Accenture, and now TJC Group. Overall, I have 16+ years of experience with expertise in SAP ABAP, SAP BTP, S/4 HANA, and so on.

Answer: At TJC Group, I am a Product Owner of some of the solutions and tools that we offer, mainly our Report Automation Cockpit (RAC), DOCEX, and the GDPR Tool. I am majorly responsible for the product and its development and manage the quality of deliveries. Other responsibilities include the ongoing progress, support, and customer developments for SAF-T and B2G, and help with the ELSA POC tasks as and when they arrive.

Answer: Oh, that’s a difficult one, haha. Honestly, all the projects have been amazing, and filled with a plethora of learning for me. However, if I have to choose one or two memorable and remarkable projects, then I would say the projects on SAF-T solutions (mainly SAFT Spain) and the Document Extract Solution for ELSA.

Answer: I feel, at TJC Group, everyone gets the opportunity to work collaboratively as well as individually. So, that’s one thing that I like most about my role. Apart from this, there is a great learning curve and growth and opportunities to work on newer technologies. Not to forget, as someone working in the capacity of technical consultant, there are several exciting challenges the position can present – which is a plus point for me. 😉

Answer: Frankly speaking, there haven’t been many major challenges as such. However, when integrating new technologies into our solutions, at times, there might be tasks, which require certain expertise that I might not be well-versed with. I wouldn’t consider it as a challenge, but rather an opportunity to upskill.

Answer: A few years down the line, I would love to see myself as an expert in S/4 HANA and ABAP BTP.

Answer: One of the best organisations I have worked for with ample opportunities and an outstanding work culture. I have spent 7 years here and I am looking forward to the coming ones! There is transparency in the workplace; we have a motivating and flexible senior management; employees are highly invested and inspired to do their best work for the company. I feel accepted, and valued here because TJC Group offers a sense of belonging to everyone.

Answer: Outside TJC Group, I am someone who loves to spend quality time with my family and kids. I feel it is very important to strike a balance between your professional and personal lives. And thankfully, we have it here at TJC Group. Additionally, I also love and enjoy travelling and exploring new places.

Answer: In my free time, I usually read books, and watch movies and TV shows. Also, I undertake some form of physical activities like long walks, yoga, and so on.

Answer: TJC Group is one of the best companies to work for and my journey has been remarkable so far. I really appreciate the company culture and how supportive and collaborative everyone at the organisation is. It seems like everyone is working together towards a common goal and I am very happy to be part of this organisation.

Well, what do we say? Shwetha’s love towards both her professional and personal lives is truly motivating. If you wish to learn more about her, you connect with her on LinkedIn.

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