Quick update: E-invoicing in Malaysia, release of PINT BIS specifications

06-03-2024 | 2 Minute gelesen | Business to Government Compliance, Steuer- und Prüfungsbereitschaft

06 March 2024

On 26th February 2024, the Malaysian government per PEPPOL, announced the billing specifications that are compliant with the PINT methodology. Consequently, this incorporates invoices and credit notes, along with self-billing invoices and credit note transactions for e-invoicing in Malaysia. 

On the same day, the Malaysian authorities published the following document specifications for e-invoicing in Malaysia –

  • PINT BIS Malaysia Billing Process 1.0 for incorporating invoices and credit note transactions. 
  • PINT BIS Malaysia Self-Billing Process 1.0 for implementing self-billing invoices and credit note transactions. 

As a matter of fact, the latest specifications are prepared in compliance with the PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications methodology and Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) requirements. 

Simply put, for ease of e-invoicing in Malaysia and to cater to the country’s business and tax requirements, authorities localised the PINT specifications for Malaysia, known as MY PINT. Therefore, this helps businesses exchange e-invoices through the PEPPOL network effortlessly. 

The main requirement for the specification, however, is that Malaysia uses Sales and Service Tax (SST) in place of Value Added Tax (VAT). That said, on a syntactical level, the specification uses the OASIS UBL 2.1 XML format. 

Along with the PINT specifications, the authorities released criteria and processes for accreditation of PEPPOL Service Providers (PSP) guidelines. Interestingly, the guideline intends to give an overview of the PSP Accreditation process along with its requisites, specifically, to those interested in providing PEPPOL Access Point services in Malaysia. 

Keep in mind that the PEPPOL Service Providers accreditation for e-invoicing in Malaysia stands valid for 12 months from the date of confirmation of the accreditation. All the service providers must monitor their accreditation’s expiration date. Reach out to MDEC for the renewal process three months prior to the date of expiration. 

For more information on e-invoicing and e-reporting, stay tuned with us. Check out more updates from across the world here!