Our customer cases

  • TJC Group Case study Carlsberg Group SAP data archiving and GDPR Compliance
    Étude de cas Carlsberg Group sur l’archivage des données SAP et la conformité RGPD
  • Dürr Group SAP ILM and Data deletion Case Study_TJC_Group
    Dürr Group SAP ILM and Data deletion Case Study

    Dürr Group machine and plant manufacturer has put in place a data deletion and SAP ILM program with TJC Group for GDPR compliance. TJC Group proposed a pragmatic approach to put in place the deletion mechanism in less than 100 days. Once the project concluded, Dürr Group had the peace of mind to know they could manage personal data to comply with GDPR requirements.

  • Dunelm SAP Data Archiving Case Study
    Dunelm SAP Data Archiving Case Study

    Dunelm, a top UK home furnishings business with a £1 billion turnover, experienced rapid growth in the last 18 months. To manage increased data from surging demand, they implemented a SAP data archiving program. Partnering with TJC Group, Dunelm optimized data management, ensuring a seamless transition to AWS, controlling SAP data growth, and minimizing downtime during migration, leading to significant cost savings in infrastructure.

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