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Why has SAP ILM/GDPR archiving become essential?

New regulations like GDPR have imposed specific personal data processing obligations onto companies. According to SAP, the best way to meet your legal compliance requirements is to establish an SAP ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) archiving project.

Our approach

We are all well aware of the risks that come with deleting data or documents, even as part of a GDPR project. Compliance is a delicate balance to achieve, with companies needing to simultaneously adhere to legal and fiscal obligations when they archive data. TJC makes it easy, with a proven SAP ILM process. Our due diligence means you can show regulators evidence of clear project scope and proven methodology – all fully automated.


Why carry out ILM for GDPR Archiving?

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    Remain compliant and protect your company’s reputation.

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    Delete unnecessary data in your SAP system.

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    Take advantage of GDPR regulation as an opportunity to review processes in depth.

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    Close processes that have been open for too long.

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