New version of SAF-T Financial in Norway

06-05-2024 | 2 Minute gelesen | Business to Government Compliance, SAF-T-Konformität, Steuer- und Prüfungsbereitschaft

The rollout of the new version 1.30 of SAF-T Financials in Norway will be as follows:

  • The new version 1.30 will be effective from 1st January 2025, but can be used immediately if desired.
  • The old form (version 1.20) can still be used for previous years (2024 and earlier).

We’ve had a look at the new version and here is a recap of the changes:

  • The mapping option has been removed from the standard chart of accounts in General Ledger accounts master file. The only valid mapping option is mapping to the business statement using the elements <GroupingCategory> and <GroupingCode>.
  • Changes have been introduced in structure of customers and suppliers master files with the new structure <BalanceAccountStructure> to enhance flexibility for choosing multiple balance accounts.
  • The new version introduces three new elements to General Ledger Entries: <VoucherNumber>, <VoucherDescription> and <ModificationDate>.

Find more details in following link:  SAF-T Financial – The Norwegian Tax Administration (

SAF-T standard solution offered by SAP is available in SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. The SAP Standard solution is a good fit SAF-T solution provided your company does NOT need to complete any of the actions below:

  • Consolidate data from multiple data source systems e.g. archived files, other SAP ecosystems, non-SAP systems, etc.
  • Submit SAF-T Cash Register files.
  • Collect data from custom tables and fields, RE-FX or other specific requirements.
  • Follow SAP best practice for master data maintenance and configuration.
  • Face resource or time constraints that make it difficult to understand and implement the solution yourself.

If you need to complete one or more of these actions, consider an alternative SAF-T Norway software solution. For example, TJC Group  developed a SAF-T software solution to satisfy OECD guidelines and are regularly updated to meet country-specific regulations as each region implements changes over time. In addition to providing certified SAF-T solutions, TJC’s B2G offering is the interface between your SAP systems and international financial regulators, helping to simplify data extraction and compliance reporting.

The Guide for SAF-T Norway and SAP Tax compliance provides useful information on software solutions for SAF-T Norway and tips to comply with SAF-T reporting in Europe. See the guide: