Enterprise content and SAP document management

Enterprise Content Management

As retention and audit requirements differ for data and documents, your business requires a document management solution that appreciates these differences. TJC have developed an enterprise document management solution that differs from the standard SAP document management solutions in the market, leveraging your existing SAP infrastructure while allowing easy management of documents throughout their lifecycle.

Our trusted solution it easy to meet your legal requirements for SAP document storage digitally, without affecting the performance and security of your system. Our solution provides an SAP certified, compliant enterprise content management system that can be easily integrated into your information lifecycle management policy.

Our reliable SAP document management solution adds legally compliant document storage to your existing SAP infrastructure without impacting on the performance of your system. This allows reports to be automated, reducing the resource required and reducing the risk of manual errors.

We can help you to integrate document management into your SAP business process. This allows your existing SAP users to easily manage documents through a single interface. The security settings of your existing SAP implementation are maintained, giving you granular control over access to documents.

What is SAP document management?

SAP document management adds document input, storage, archiving and deletion to your existing SAP database. Our solution allows you to manage documents that originate from within SAP (SAP spools) as well as documents that are imported from other systems. Despite this integration, there is no impact on the performance or security of your SAP system.

Our solution provides a cost-effective means of adding document management to your business where the full capabilities of an enterprise content management are not required.

What are the benefits of SAP document management?

By leveraging your existing infrastructure, TJC Group offers a highly cost-effective document management solution with fixed-price options that provide a range of benefits:

  • Enables storage and management of your transactional documents according to your legal requirements – including deleting historic documents.
  • Utilizes your existing SAP content server or Microsoft Sharepoint as appropriate.
  • Fits with your existing business processes with minimal impact on staff workload.
  • Allows for the automation and digitization of reporting, reducing the effort required to maintain legal compliance.
  • Fully traceable, ensuring security requirements are met.

What advantages are there for my team?

Finance and Department Managers

Meeting the needs of Finance and Department Managers

Our document management solution was developed to deliver the key functionality that your business requires, while leveraging your existing system infrastructure.

Automates report generation, reducing time, effort, and errors

Our document management solution can introduce a number of efficiencies into your reporting process. Its straightforward interface makes it simple to create and save customized queries for report generation. This reduces the manual effort required, but also prevents the introduction of errors through manual input. Once defined, reports can be automated or run at any time, allowing your team to submit these reports on time and focus on other tasks.

Legally compliant digital document and data storage

Reports generated by our solution are consistent with the source data. Each report generates a full traceability log, giving you confidence that your business is compliant while minimizing the effort required. It provides you with compliant document management while reducing the effort and cost associated with meeting your legal obligations.

Project Managers

Tailored to the needs of your business and your SAP users

Introducing enterprise content management to support legal compliance can be complex and costly, but the risks of not completing such a project can be significant to your business. Our detailed consultancy period for each new project ensures we fully understand your business needs, identify potential savings, and deliver positive return on investment. Our solutions support your business processes and deliver compliance with your document retention and destruction policies.

Leverage your existing system infrastructure

Our document management solution provides your business with the key features it needs to deliver effective document lifecycle management without adding to your infrastructure requirements. TJC Group's enterprise content management approach uses SAP certified software and your existing content storage server to provide the functionality you need without complex integration requirements.

Delivers full document lifecycle management up to destruction

Our enterprise content management solution allows your business to easily implement document lifecycle management using your existing content server. TJC Group's document management solution can be tailored according to your parameters for management, retention and deletion of documents. Our detailed consultancy will ensure that the solution is fully compliant with the needs of your business and any legal requirements for the retention of your data.


Meeting the needs of SAP Administrators with our enterprise content management solution

An enterprise content management solution that can be easily integrated with existing SAP implementations, providing the key features you need without impacting on the performance of your system.

Reliably automate and digitize reports with full traceability to ensure compliance

Our solution provides an simple way to manage reporting, leveraging your existing system infrastructure. Our SAP certified Add-Ons make it simple to integrate document management to your existing SAP database without impacting system performance. This provides you with a straightforward solution for automated generation and digital storage of reports. This automation reduces the risk of manual errors being introduced whilst allowing reports to be run during off-peak periods, ensuring that the day-to-day work of your SAP users is not impacted and maximizing the use of system resources. Detailed logs ensure that reports have full traceability, supporting compliance.

Effective status reporting to support system management

Our solution generates alerts that make you aware of any errors in reports, system downtime or unsuccessful runs. Detailed logs make it easy to pinpoint errors and make amends. A secure and stable SAP certified document management solution with detailed logs and advanced reporting functionality that makes compliance straightforward.

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TJC Group have been developing innovative, SAP certified solutions and software for the last 20 years. We respond to client requirements and upcoming changes in tax and audit legislation, supporting clients to stay compliant and get ROI on their SAP implementation. Our expertise and SAP certified software have now been used by over 400 businesses globally.

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