SAP data extraction for SAF-T Compliance

SAP SAF-T compliance

Ensuring that your business is fully compliant with tax regulations in all of the territories in which it operates can be complex. The introduction of the standard audit file for tax (SAF-T) has added to the demands on your SAP system and audit staff. TJC Group have worked with a Big Four auditing firm to develop an innovative solution that simplifies compliance across multiple territories.

Since the first SAF-T requirement was launched we have been working on a specialist tool that provides fully compliant and traceable data extracts. Our expertise in SAP databases and awareness of tax obligations has allowed us to design a solution that simplifies SAF-T preparation considerably, without impacting on system performance.

Our SAF-T solution allows multinational enterprises to easily manage SAF-T compliance locally while retaining control of the overall SAF-T strategy centrally. Developed in collaboration with one of the Big Four audit firms, the SAF-T definitions exactly meet the requirements for each country where the standard has been implemented. These definitions are continually updated to ensure current and future compliance.


TJC Group are able to offer a solution that can be easily integrated into current business processes while protecting data. Our solution allows SAP administrators to provide autonomy to auditors within the information security policies defined by your business.

What is TJC's SAF-T compliance solution?

Our SAF-T compliance solution for SAP provides a unified solution that can be customized to meet regulation in any country. It allows audit managers to access and extract consistent, reliable data at any time without impacting the performance of the SAP database.

Tax and audit managers can easily freeze data for a specific period, rather than using live data, making tax analysis easier. Detailed traceability logs ensure data consistency. This gives auditors confidence in the data, allowing them to readily identify any tax risks.

Our single solution for managing SAF-T compliance for all countries allows for easy deployment and management by central IT teams. The SAP admin resource required to ensure compliance can be greatly reduced by allowing auditors to have autonomy, while granular user management and authorization removes any security issues this may present.

What are the benefits of TJC's SAF-T compliance solution?

Effectively implementing SAF-T across your business can be costly and complex. TJC Group offer a simple and cost effective solution that can be implemented and managed centrally. Designed to respond to future changes in standards and the introduction of SAF-T to new regions, we can provide a long-term solution to tax and audit compliance for your business.

  • Provides a single solution for all countries.
  • Country-specific SAF-T definitions developed in partnership with a Big Four audit firm.
  • A long term, cost effective solution that can be updated and extended for future changes to regulations.
  • Allows audit staff to access data directly, without the need for SAP system administrator resource.
  • Enables the extraction of large volumes of data without impacting on SAP system performance.
  • Maintains the security of your data throughout the process.

What advantages are there for my team?

General Managers, CFOs and CIOs

A stable and robust data extraction solution for SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) compliance

Implementing SAF-T compliance within an multinational enterprise can be challenging and costly. Our solution allows you to easily generate SAF-T compliant returns that meet any of the SAF-T country standards. Its flexible design ensures that it can be easily extended to meet any future needs. Our solution gives tax managers access to generate data extracts themselves but also allows you to centrally manage user level access, without compromising system security. This can provide significant efficiencies, greatly reducing the cost of SAF-T compliance while ensuring you meet local tax regulations.

Meet your compliance deadline on time

With SAF-T definitions developed in partnership with a Big Four audit firm, you can have confidence that the extracts will allow you to meet your submission deadlines on time. The solution produces data extracts with detailed logs, which gives you confidence in the data consistency with the original.

Streamlined data extraction process provides productivity and accuracy gains

Traditional SAP implementations will require tax managers to submit multiple, complex requests for data extracts to busy SAP administration teams. Where queries are input manually, there is potential for human error. Our solution allows tax managers to generate and automate extracts directly, using a simple interface. User access can be managed centrally by IT teams, ensuring that data is still secure. These efficiencies can provide significant reductions in the cost of compliance for your business.

IT Managers

An effective solution for delivering SAF-T compliance across territories

Within a multinational enterprise, the implications of the SAF-T roll out may be felt mostly at a local level. However, access to data, system security and installation of SAP Add-Ons must be managed centrally in order to be sustainable. Our SAF-T compliance solution can be easily deployed and managed centrally, balancing the need for tax compliance with the considerations of system security and performance. Granular access controls can be defined at the user level, ensuring regional offices have access to the data they need and can generate extracts independently.

A single solution compliant with SAF-T regulations for any country

SAF-T requirements vary from country to country. Our flexible solution exports data that is compliant with all local regulations and can be extended to meet future needs. This provides your business with a long-term, cost-effective solution that can be updated to respond to changes in the structure of your business or new legislation.

A centrally managed solution that provides local subsidiaries with the autonomy they need

Our SAF-T compliance solution is designed to be deployed and managed centrally, ensuring that your data security and system performance is not affected. It allows you to use the same security and user level control features for the SAF-T solution in each of your country subsidiaries. Once installed, it can provide significant reductions in the effort required to deliver SAF-T reports by allowing auditors and tax managers direct access to the data they require. Users can be given access to only those fields they require as part of their work and secure storage locations for data extracts can be defined on a per-user basis, ensuring you retain control.


Data extraction solution for SAF-T compliance

The roll out of SAF-T creates additional requirements for SAP data extraction in order to ensure your business is compliant. This can add to the pressure on SAP administration teams, particularly for businesses that operate in multiple SAF-T countries. Our SAP SAF-T compliance solution can reduce the effort required across the business, while also reducing the impact on system performance presented by large volume data extracts. The content of each country SAF-T report has been mapped out in our solution to give you ease of use and confidence in the data extracted to prepare for this mandatory requirement.

Provides autonomy to tax and audit staff while protecting key data

Delivering SAF-T compliance within a traditional SAP implementation can require multiple, complex requests for data extracts to the SAP administration team. TJC Group's solution allows you to give tax and audit staff direct access to the data extraction software, while controlling access to sensitive data on a granular level. This allows tax and audit staff to define their own queries and run them independently. Where large volume extracts are required, the SAP administration team have the option to schedule these for off-peak periods to minimize the impact on system performance.

Secure data access and extracts for specific country users

In a multinational corporation, specific access to country data is possible with the security features and user access levels built in to our SAF-T software. As the SAP Administrator, you are able to control access levels and security parameters directly on your SAP screen for users in other countries regardless of their SAF-T country content.

Tax & Audit Managers

A SAF-T solution with compliance at its heart

SAF-T compliance imposes specific requirements on your business that can be difficult and costly to meet. Our SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) solution has been designed to meet the needs of multinational enterprises by providing a simple interface that can generate reliable, consistent tax data for any territory. Built specifically for SAF-T report preparation with advice from a Big Four auditing firm, our SAF-T solution has compliance at its heart. Our software allows you to easily extract only the data you need for each territory and provides consistent, reliable data you can have confidence in.

Provides a single solution that can output data compliant with any country's SAF-T regulations

Our SAF-T solution provides a single, easy to use interface that can be used to generate data extracts for multiple territories. Access to data for each country can be managed on a per-user basis where required. The solution is flexible, making it easy for your business to respond to changes in legislation or expansion into new territories.

Allows you to easily 'freeze' data to meet local tax requirements

For tax analysis it is typically preferred to use extracted data from the original source rather than live data as this ensures consistency of reports. Our SAF-T compliance solution can easily extract the specific data required for the defined time period. Extracts are exported into the relevant format for your auditing software and can be saved to a secure location based on the permissions of the user.

Learn more about how SAP SAF-T compliance can support your business

TJC Group have been developing SAP certified software and intelligent, reliable solutions for 20 years. We have a deep technical understanding, which we combine with an awareness of tax and audit to support businesses to achieve full compliance in a cost effective manner. With experience across a wide range of industries globally and working partnerships with the Big Four, we can be your trusted partner for SAP SAF-T compliance.

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