What's your motivation?

26-10-17 | Blog

People are motivated by different things.
Innovation and accomplishments are driven by motivation.
Motives, motivation can either be good or bad.

What's your motivation?

A couple of months ago, as part of the TJC 20 years blog post series, we shared the different achievements done by authors, sports persons, innovators, and inventors. Their motivations led to great discoveries that have changed our landscape and the way we live.

SAP was started by former IBM employees who wanted to improve business processes using IT technology. This led to the first enterprise resource planning software that stored the data locally instead of on punch cards. It has come a long way from R/ series to ECC to now S4 HANA.

Thierry Julien was a successful SAP consultant who started the company as a consulting firm. 20 years on, it still is a specialist consulting firm but with a growing portfolio of SAP certified software. So why go into software publishing?

To make life easier for SAP Administrators
To reduce TCO by making business processes more efficient
To allow businesses to achieve long-term ROI through the indirect savings
To enable businesses to gain confidence in their data integrity especially for tax audit

 Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC)
 Developed in 2003
 Aim: Automate your data archiving process and facilitate ongoing archiving to maintain ROI gained.

 Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC)
 Developed in 2008
 Aim: Securely extract large data volumes at minimal time without compromising system security
 DaRT Sessions Cockpit (DSC)
 Developed in 2010
 Aim: Automate your DaRT runs even when you archive
 Report Automation Cockpit (RAC)
 Developed in 2012
 Aim: Reduce manual error and save time in generating all kinds of business reports
 Fichier des ecritures comptables (FEC)
 Developed in 2013
 Aim: Extracting the right content for local France tax audit requirement (the FEC)
 Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T)
 Developed in 2014
 Aim: Complete data extraction solution for your local SAF-T tax content

Plus, Thierry just really love what he does…a lot!