What is it like working for TJC?

26-04-18 | Blog

Here at TJC, we value people, authenticity, and consistency. But what do people who work here say about TJC?

Recently, I gathered some comments from new joiners (ABAP developers, sales, finance) to find out what attracted them to work with us. The feedback I recieved was positive and inline with what we'd expect of our company. Here are the three main points I heard from our staff, along with what they had to say about us.

Your voice matters

"Input is welcomed and honoured."
"Your voice is heard especially for improving things."
"Great trust in employees."
"Great learning curve and growth."

Company growth matters

"A healthy growing company with careful management."
"An attractive niche product and service for enterprise businesses in the B2B market."
"Opportunity to work with major clients and interact with different country clients."

Working relationships matter

"Diversity in profile and people with high-level skills from a different background (culture and career)"
"Strong relationship with the two chiefs of the company."
"Frequent lunch outings."

You can read more about TJC Group here: /about, or go through to the blog post series for TJC 20 years' celebration.

You may even spot a few of our team members in our 20th-anniversary celebration video: