Vision, automated reports, and you on S/4

27-12-18 | Blog

The last few weeks of 2018 have been mostly an energy boost.

Energy boost,
as our customers are starting, I mean really starting, their move to S/4 HANA journey.

Energy boost,
as it seems lawyers tend to get a better understanding on how data privacy regulation should be enforced.

Energy boost,
when we compare our ongoing archiving BPO to those of large consulting corporations from either quality or pricing viewpoint.
Energy boost, in a nutshell, when management and expert are able to provide clear and meaningful directions. Let me tell you about three short stories, from last month.

One customer’s outsourcing firm gets a report from an SAP 360° review. Not a classical ECC system but some sort of side system. Outsourcing company requested we apply SAP recommendations. This would have reduced volume by 30 Gb, out of 200 Gb. Funny thing is we have already archived 950 Gb from this system, so proportionally the total size should be at 1.15 Tb instead of 200 Gb.

Another day, a consulting corporation told a customer there was no need to archive in S/4 because their database was not growing much. The customer called us, and we reminded him that the largest volume has only been online for 48 months: By not archiving, there will be a 25% database volume increase in a year, transforming soon into expensive S/4 memory. 

Last week, one TJC consultant read an SAP Readiness Check document for SAP S/4HANA. The document displayed a business process analytics paragraph, with a very detailed KPI : 105 numbers, also provided as percentage, for a total of 195 information. I am not really sure 339 sales orders open & overdue for delivery are putting an S/4 memory in jeopardy, the but document was extremely serious about it.

What does all these stories have in common? 

We live in a world where automated reports are delivered without expert analysis to teams who do not get time or training for mastering them. Some people use them for their profit (usually sales men and low-level consultants), some people put faith on those ‘knowledge’ report and put their company in trouble.
At TJC, we provide detailed reports, but we also provide two pages of executive summaries, or one-page KPI. Because provided with key elements, you will reap archiving, ILM and S/4 Hana benefits without the burden.
All three stories have another point in common: they originated from customers who called us back wanting clarification. 
I want to thank our customers who rely on us to provide them with:

  • A ‘big picture’ of situation, clear and simple.
  • Finely tuned detailed solution that delivers according to expectation

I want to thank you because in the changing world of SAP, your confidence makes us proud of what we have achieved. Your journey makes us more efficient.
We will assist your consultants and project teams during your move to S/4HANA so you may focus on business improvement and stuff that matters to you. 

Because your data matters.

Thanks to all of you for these energy boosts. Happy new year.

Thierry JULIEN, CEO and Founder of TJC Group

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