Updated TJC archiving automation software for SAP

24-07-18 | Blog

These improvements were taken from an open invitation from SAP to 'Data Archiving and SAP ILM' users to participate and submit their feedback. We had shared the link to this feedback room on a post-DSAG conference blog post.

In summary, below are the improvements and related OSS Notes.

SARA statistics - size of archive info structure table 2538112 SAP_BASIS 7.40
SARA logs - information about warnings and errors  2433546 SAP_BASIS 7.31
Data archiving object ARCHIVELNK: handling of table TOAAT    2193407 SAP_BASIS 7.31
Extension of transaction SARA 2520093 SAP_BASIS 7.31
SARA logs - select option module 2587622 SAP_BASIS 7.31
transaction SARA: Goto-Continue 2520094 SAP_BASIS 7.31
transaction SARA: warning for incomplete archiving runs 2586921 SAP_BASIS 7.31
TAANA dynamic subfields - note 2210858 2614476 SAP_BASIS 7.40
SARA: Link to transaction AS_AFB inside 2544517 SAP_BASIS 7.31
SARA: Checking active archive infostructure at scheduling deletion  2624077 SAP_BASIS 7.31
Dynamic default value for the archiving parameter "Text" for spool lists 2637105 SAP_BASIS 7.31
SARA: Checking the connections to content repositories with respect to the archiving object   2599263 SAP_BASIS 7.31
Implementation of standardization guidelines for all archiving objects    2635121, 2643118    SAP_BASIS 7.31

A lot of these provide increased ease of use during navigation.

If you have never used them, we suggest discovering: Transaction codes AS_AFB and TAANA.

Our favorite is note 2637105 for Dynamic default value for the archiving parameter "Text" for spool lists.

The program RSARCH_SWITCH_LIST_TITLE delivered has a new radio button "Text with Placeholders". The following placeholders are available:

  • <object>: This is replaced by the name of the archiving object at runtime.
  • <session>: This is replaced by the number of the processed archiving session at runtime.
  • <archive_key>: This is replaced by the key of the processed archive file at runtime in the case of delete jobs. This parameter has no effect for write jobs.
  • <job_type>: This is replaced by the job type at runtime (WRI = write job, DEL = delete job).
Our technical director predicts this feature will be enjoyed by many customers, therefore you will be glad to know that TJC Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) already supports this.

Visit the TJC ASC page and download the solution sheet.

Or contact us now to arrange for a quick demo.

You may find the delivery call notes of the SAP archiving update from this external link back to SAP Customer Influence and SAP Customer Connection portal