What to check when choosing which data extractor solution to use

14-09-16 | Blog

Your checklist should include these 5 criteria:

  1. Access to data
  2. Time needed for extraction
  3. Response to real time/ad hoc requests
  4. Adherence to specific country compliance mandates
  5. Security

Access to data comparison table

Type of SAP Data Any SAP Data (Any data, any table, including archive, and even HR data)

Mostly FI related and the ones German user group identified

Selection of fields Any fields

Less/no customisation and selection of fields

Change logs All change logs (based on auditor's needs)

FI related and SOD change logs allowed

Archived data Online and archived data

Online data only (except for small volumes)

Autonomy of auditors Yes and within parameters set by IT

SAP Administrator - dependent 


Other important tips:

  1. Assess your current resources.
  2. Identify your company needs for extraction solution: Is it data retention-driven?  Is it tax and audit-driven? Is it to start a decommissioning process?
  3. Select the right solution to implement to help you achieve your strategy.

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