TJC has been boldly going beyond archiving since 1997

29-11-17 | Blog

"Boldly going beyond." - SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona 2017 Keynote by Björn Goerke ('Captain Kirk') and his team (the 'crew of USS Enterprise'). A keynote that adapted elements from Star Trek which started more than 50 years ago but was very futuristic in its story concept. An event attended every year  by Thierry Julien and his team.
Full video here:
The CTO of SAP has recommended 3 essential items that will help you build an "intelligent enterprise":
· Data
· Platform
· Good user experience
Data is the fuel, a platform is needed to launch your innovation, and a friendly user experience to navigate to success.
At TJC, we share this belief. We understand the importance of data especially for tax audit use in the future. We go beyond just running SARA, and perform trusted and reliable archiving, deletion, and retention. We are boldly going beyond ensuring you achieve data integrity for your tax audit and compliance responsibilities (SAF-T, GDPR, etc.).
We never get bored of archiving. In fact our interest and passion for this specialism grows as the benefits move from improving system performance and enhancing your end-user's experience to facilitating your journey to S4 HANA and meeting your GDPR compliance.
Data extraction of online and archived data sources is also our expertise in the form of SAP certified software that allow you to extract mass data volume, prepare for your local tax audit requirement, and also the possibility of performing deeper data analysis to drive your business direction.
User-friendliness is our focus too, as we develop software that automates and optimizes the essential back office processes of archiving and data extraction. With our SAP applications and ABAP Add-Ons, you can also assign user access levels to maintain your security protocols but still give your business users flexibility to access data for reporting and tax audit preparations. 
If 'making the impossible, possible' is by taking your unwanted but critical work out of your hands, making it our own problems and solving it, and representing you to demonstrate the business benefits of these 'back office' tasks; then you have the right team with TJC. That's always been how we've worked ever since Thierry started the company in 1997 (see TJC 20 years blog post in May 2017).
Just as a trivia: he is really excited about the beta version of Data Anonymity* in SAP HANA 2.0.
*see video at 05:26 frame.