TJC attends L’ Academie

07-03-18 | Blog

On January 11th 2018, TJC sponsored a French event on computerized tax audit and cash register certification.
This event, both online and in Paris, grouped 1500 persons.
It was organized by two leading professional associations in France:
The ‘Conseil supérieur de l’Ordre des experts comptables 
The ‘Académie des sciences techniques, comptables et financières’ 
Since 2011, members from TJC, including its president, Thierry JULIEN, have been invited to participate in some of their working groups.
It all started back in 2010 when we’ve been part of a group on IT-based tax audit. Text law evolved since this time but some will still find the result of this workgroup interesting. You may find it at 
Since then, a group on the French Electronic Journal (FEC, or Fichier d’Ecritures Comptables) took place, then two groups on cash register: one for software editors, the second for large corporations where cash registers have to be linked to ERP system.
As a matter of fact, tax audit is evolving and being present in an IT-based tax audit, VAT declaration like SII, or SAF-T declaration is not the only part where both IT and regulation are involved.
Such organization is building the relationship between government services, including tax authorities, and professional organizations, led by the field expert. It’s a place of choice for understanding the true nature of requirement (legal and tax), and, from time to time, have the privilege of introducing topics related to new technologies SAP customers deal with on a daily basis.
This explains why, this time, we appeared on a non-SAP event.

Thanks to our clients and partners who, by trusting us, are allowing us to be part of this community.