Technology that matters

13-04-17 | Blog

10 years ago, in 2007, Tesla introduced its fully electric sports car before production the year after paving the way for the possibility of zero-emission cars. Now it has sold over 200,000 electric cars and has also introduced affordable solar panel roof tiles.


As written in our February post, Steve Jobs returned to run Apple in 1997 and started an innovation drive that led to the “reinvention of the phone”. The iPhone was the first touchscreen smartphone in the market in 2007. It has also opened up the possibility for consumers to be more effective with their portable phones.


Airbus 380 was the biggest jumbo jet when it was delivered to Singapore Airlines in 2007. It took over 20 years, billions of Euros, and teamwork and collaboration among 4 countries to achieve this. The promise of the jumbo aircraft was not just to increase passenger capacity but to improve fuel efficiency.

TJC started to develop software in response to customer’s issues during the archiving process. We listened to customer’s suggestions and requests and asked our in-house technical team to develop an ABAP Add-On to automate the archiving process; Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) was released in 2008. Now, TJC has added 5 more software solutions to its product suite, all aiming to provide efficiencies in your process and confidence in your data. 

Because your data matters.