Power of opposites

01-03-18 | Blog

Sometimes opposites don't work, but sometimes they do.

Here at TJC, we see it work well.

We see a mixture of working styles, thought processes, and work experiences.

We welcome that and include their best practices into our methodology.

We also see commercial and technical roles integrating their functions allowing for a more open discussion that results in creative and effective solutions. 

We even organize TJC sharing sessions. This is one of the components of our success where sales, marketing, administrators, consultants and developers sit down to gain in-depth knowledge on the latest in the industry and share in the vision of our company which is "to provide elegant solutions for our customers" (quote from our CEO).

SAP Archiving, ABAP development, future-ready data for tax audit, local, or global…providing solutions that meet both IT and business users compliance requirements. 

Meet some of the team.

Below a picture of one of the TJC sharing sessions.