Pause and reflect: What's your archive and recovery plan?

22-08-17 | Blog

A fire broke out across the street from TJC headquarters due to the intense heat and dryness in the area in July ( Police and firefighters were quick to evacuate businesses and offices from the area as the fire covered an area of 500 square meters.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, offices were safe, and the fire was quickly put down by the firefighters. 

This becomes a perfect time to pause and reflect for all business sizes, not just for the Fortune 500 companies. And to re-evaluate their disaster recovery plan and archive process.

Good news is TJC runs a mixed model: cloud and in-house application; plus most key documents are kept in a fire-safe folder. However, we will still be reassessing more seriously what could have been missing in a serious fire with the feeling that 'this could really happen to us'.

Because your data matters.