Mergers and Acquisition, Divestments, and your SAP system

19-04-18 | Blog

Your Mergers &Acquistions includes all of the data of the specific company you are acquiring.

Extracting that particular company code with targeted data is very complex. It requires very deep technical, business, and SAP customizing knowledge. (Tuerk, A., 2015, Archiving SAP Data).

Choosing the right decommissioning solution of SAP legacy systems for your project

TJC Decommissioning methodology for SAP legacy systems allows you full or partial extraction. If you are looking to reduce the complexity of the project, for example, avoiding reloading historical information into your SAP system, we can simplify it to the most basic external storage that you can keep under lock and key.

Future-proof and audit-ready data is achieved through precise identification and extraction of exact data in the complex and customized SAP environment. For any type of Mergers and Acquisitions, our solution can help you hone in on the specific data you need with pinpoint precision.

How we support our customers during their merger and acquisition

“The AEC solution allowed us to completely cut the cord with the FCC SAP System (group of the acquired company) and retrieve all the necessary information" - Luis Fernández GRANDES, Director for Information Systems and Digital Transformation, JC Decaux Spain

Read this case study on how we completed partial SAP decommissioning for an M&A for the world's largest outdoor advertising company.